Mature dating with singles over 50

Mature dating with singles

Love is ageless. We don’t need to be adolescents to fall in love. Even since we are little kids and we go to kinder garden we a have a crush on our play mate or on our teacher. Then while we grow older we experience different kind of feelings regarding love. Then it comes the time when we have our first date, we fell in love, we start a relationship and we enjoy each moment for the good feeling that we experience.

Love is different in so many ways regarding the age we have. When we first get in love we feel like the entire world is ours. We can’t do anything without having that one in our thought from the moment we open our eyes in the morning until at night when we go to sleep. And no one can’t argue that because we all experienced the first chills of love and we all know that the so told butterflies are indeed real. With love comes deceptions and also ugly things that no one would like to experience. But this is how things usually work. We have better days, bad ones and so are relationships. There are relationships that last for years and there are those that take end, leaving us with a bad taste in our mouth. But this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try again.

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Love can take you by surprise even that you are over 50 years old. And here we are talking about a different kind of love. A more mature one, we are talking about mature dating between two people that see love with other eyes. When we are young we choose someone in a more superficial way. We look at first at the way that one looks, the way he dresses, what haircut he has, we have a certain type like brunette with green eyes and the examples can go on. But when you are a 50 years old single person you think more about the character the other has. You take your time in knowing that one you are dating, you spend more time on getting to know each other, what likes or dislikes both of you have and what the other’s character is. You put more price on the more important things regarding your future together. When we became older and we had already passed through different situations in one or more relationships we start to put more prince on things like a nice character, on respect, on communications, because after a certain age you look for things that will make you feel complete at a more emotional level. If when we are young we need love, passion, diversity, emotions, adrenaline and activities of all kind, when the years pass we realize that things superficial like going to parties and having tequila shots aren’t what we are looking for. We look for someone that understands us and that we can talk to no matter what the subjects are. We look for that one that we can share our oldness, we can see our children grow and together to have peace. Because peace is important in a relationship. Is that feeling that makes you come home with the thought that there isn’t a better place where you would rather be.

Love is indeed ageless. We feel love no matter how old we are. We just feel it in a different way. So if you are a 50 years old single woman don’t lose hope on finding your perfect match. You are never too old to love and definitely you are not too old to be loved. There is someone there for you just waiting to find you or to be found and together to spend a happy and peaceful life.

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