The Difficulties of Dating older women in real life

Dating older women

Many people say that age’s just a number, and that’s especially true in the case of older women dating younger men. Cross-generation relationships are no longer looked upon with disgrace and many a young man finds pleasure in the arms of an older woman, sometimes more than ten years older than him.

Here are some of the things you need to know when dating older women:

  • Lifestyle difference: Remember that when dating older women, both of you are at a different stage of life. She’s settled, maybe with a husband and kids in tow. You on the other hand, might be in the early stages of your career. She’s got a home while you may be sharing accommodation with someone else to save up on money. This can create potential conflict in the relationship and you need to be pretty clear about the terms and conditions in the early stages of the relationship to avoid problems later on.
  • Importance of family: If you harbour ideas of starting a family, share that with your partner. Generally speaking, older women dating younger men already have children of their own and will not be too keen on having any more offspring and that too in a possibly secret relationship. Take a breather, and decide if these clashes in opinion will have an effect on the relationship.
  • The SEX: Cougars are not called by that name out of whim. They have a fearsome reputation of hunting you down and ripping you into shreds in bed. Now before that sets off alarm bells in your head, I want to reassure you that I’m talking about sex with them. You have to up your ante when you’re older women dating. They LOVE foreplay and too much is not enough for them. Start with the first chapter of the Kamasutra and keep your nose buried.
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  • Strength of ideas: an older woman will have a good deal of experience under her belt, if she’s wearing one, pun intended. She will be forthright and critical in her views and opinions, and if you can match that, well and good. Sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you wanted, and there’s no harm in moving on, because sooner or later, she will.
  • Social life: While your social life may consist of having a night in with the boys, hotboxing over a bong of hash, she on the other hand will be mostly attending high profile parties and events and be seen in some of the posh places in town. If you do not change your habits and manners fast, she’ll ditch you like a ton of hot bricks. She cannot afford to be seen in public with a stoned out young man who does not know which foot to put after another.
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  • Health issues: This can be a real pain in the ass. You have to consider that she is more than a decade older than you, and if it is a long term relationship, she’s going to retire before you do. Ask yourself if you want to support an elderly partner at the later stages of your career? Things might look cheery when you’re young, but as you age, they will appear less rosy.
  • Flings: Not all the cougars out there look for long term relationships. Actually the majority opt for flings, adopting a chop and change method. So consider that before you walk into a relationship and do not be surprised if she doesn’t return your telephone calls and messages.
  • Experience and wisdom: Much has been discussed on this. An older woman brings with her a trove of wisdom which can see through your every trick. So if you want to be successful, be honest and upfront with her.

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