What's That Like When Women Start Dating Over 50?

dating over 50

Older women dating is a new world for many young guys who are interested in dating cougars. For many it has been a lifelong interest but due to how much more accepting society is today they are becoming willing to try dating over 50. The experience is new, it is thrilling for them but what should you know when you are looking for older women dating sites? We have collected some of the top tips for those looking to date older women.

The Woman’s Age Shouldn’t Be The Main Focus Point While women dating over 50 do want to dispense the advice they learned throughout the years, there is more to it than that. They want to have someone younger who can help fill them with the energy they had when they were younger. Judge the situation but you want to focus on helping her feel younger. If she does start dispensing life advice, listen. She has gathered a lot of experience over the years and it makes her feel good to share it with you.

Flirt Like Normal

Older women dating want you to flirt like they were younger. This not only helps them feel like they are younger but it helps them to feel more normal. Compliment her, call her sexy when it’s appropriate, and hold the door for her. But also work in some of that young charm.

Stare Into Her Eyes

One of the things that women become more self-conscious with over the years is their body. Most women wish that they were able to have the body they had when they were 20. Often times though, there body is just as great. As they age they gain the look of wisdom and their face begins to reflect their character. By staring into her eyes you are telling her that you enjoy her face. This should make her happy and more willing to open up.

Don’t Pass Judgement Right Away

At the first date both sides are sizing each other up for dating potential. That means that she may be testing you a little and she may also be trying to decide whether or not she is interested in you. Let her do this and let the conversation go where it goes. This allows her to get a better idea of who you are. Trying to force the conversation could lead the date down a bad road.

Dating Over 50 Isn’t Only For Sex

A lot of men go into cougar relationships expecting nothing but hot, steamy sex. This isn’t the only thing that a cougar is looking for. They are looking for a true relationship too. Often times they have already had a relationship with someone their age and are looking to feel rejuvenated in the various areas of their life. Your job is to help her feel that rejuvenation that she craves. It isn’t a hard task, and it is a fun one. One that compares to no other dating experience out there.

Cougars Will Fit Into Your Social Circle And Vice Versa

When you go out on the search for a cougar you are looking for someone that enjoys the same things as you. If you just settle for any cougar out there it won’t be that good of a relationship. Instead, you want to find a woman what you get along with and share interests with. As long as you have done so, you should both fit into the same social circles.

There may be a little push back from friends and family but as long as they see you are happy they should relent and start being happy for you.

There are a lot of things to consider when dating over 50 but being yourself is the best way to ensure that you get a second date. All people want to find a true person when they go out on dates. The last thing they want to find is someone who is not being their self. If a date feels like it is a lot of work it may be time to spend less time preparing. Embrace the dating and embrace older women dating.

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